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Kerstin Ramcke
Managing Director

After completing her education in German and American Studies and Theater Arts in Hamburg and Vienna, Kerstin Ramcke started her career in 1989 as a dramatic adviser at the Ernst-Deutsch-Theater in Hamburg. In 1993, she began as a Producer at Studio Hamburg Produktion GmbH and among other productions was responsible for the NDR “Tatort” and a wide variety of television movies for NDR including “Gegen den Strom” and “Mit dem Rücken zur Wand” for ZDF. She has also developed projects for WDR and the commercial television station RTL.  Additionally, Ms. Ramcke produced the theatrical films “Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod - Gloomy Sunday” by Rolf Schübel and “Rosenstraße” by Margarethe von Trotta, also took the role of executive producer in Bille August´s “Night Train to Lisbon” in 2013 and currently in “Die Pfefferkörner und der Fluch des schwarzen Königs (2017) .

As Producer she was responsible for “Berlin, Berlin” for ARD, the largest public broadcaster in Germany, as well as for six episodes of “Tatort“ for NDR annually.  Ms. Ramcke also added to her commercial producing experience the Weekly “Das Geheimnis meines Vaters” and the Daily “Rote Rosen”.

In July 2006 she was assigned to Studio Hamburg Produktion  management and was named Managing Director in 2008. In connection with a company restructuring in 2011, Ms. Ramcke became Managing Director of Nordfilm GmbH and Nordfilm Kiel GmbH. Today she functions as Producer for projects such as “Der Tatortreiniger”, ”Großstadtrevier” and until 2016 for “Die Pfefferkörner”.  In the field of TV broadcasting she was responsible as Producer for the NDR-Degeto production “Die Eisläuferin” and “Der Liebling des Himmels” (both in 2015). For ZDF she recently realized “Die Insassen” (2015) and the historical postwar-drama “Ich werde nicht schweigen”, celebrating premiere in early summer at “Internationales Filmfest Emden Norderney” (2017).

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